Information about International Mission Marketplace

How it works

How it works

International Experts will find on Mission International’s platform Business companies which have the will to internationalize and to be accompanied. They will be able to highlight their various expertise, promote them to a community of international players and thus generate new sources of income.

How to optimize your listings on our Marketplace?
Some standards of creating great listings are having:
-clear and precise listing descriptions
-that include keywords customers are likely to search (ie: aeronautics expert for the american market)
-clear and beautiful listing images
-... most important: catchy titles!

Creating a robust profile with a welcoming image and interesting description is also a big boost in improving providers credibility

Last but not least: where does the search find from?

Our marketplace's keyword search finds from the following fields:
  •     Listing title
  •     Listing description
  •     Text listing field contents
  •     Category of the listing
  •     Location of the listing (street name, zip code, city name)
  •     First and last name of the user who posted the listing
  •     Username of the person who posted the listing

How are the search results sorted?
When a user performs a search, we sort the results based on how relevant they are to that specific search term. We use our own algorithm to decide on the relevancy. Listings that have the keyword in the title have more weight than listings that have it in the description, etc.