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Maï T.

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French, Eurasian heritage (German and Vietnamese), intercultural is for me second nature. After a 20-year corporate career in marketing and sales management roles, I have been consulting for 10 years as a consultant coach to executives and management teams of large and medium-sized companies, in the areas of their behavioral and relational effectiveness, their leadership and impact, their ability to take emotional distance and their ability to be effective in varied and intercultural environments.

I am involved in supporting teams of international management in transformation, mergers, or multicultural grouping, especially in the implementation of their model of team efficiency: I allow them to ensure their overall coherence, namely the alignment between their role, their issues, the collective and individual modes of operation of the actors. I also intervene in individual accompaniments with international managers: assessment, coaching, 360-degree debriefing and also in the conduct of specific short workshops; co-development, conferences, intercultural training.
I have already made many accompaniments of management teams abroad (Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar, USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Ireland, Morocco, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Angola...)
The main assignments with management teams with which I have worked are: Accor, La Poste, BNP, Sodexo, Galeries Lafayette, LVMH, Kering, Chanel, Eurotunnel, Orange, Sanofi Pasteur, VYV Group, Saint Gobain, Cisco, Total, ...

I also organize learning expeditions in India, or Southeast Asia, in business or living expedition format - it's about allowing leaders/managers to experience a journey outside their comfort zone, meet otherness, and experience a true human "Mindset Shift" deep within themselves: guiding them towards their intuitive intelligence beyond their speculative intelligence. Give them the means to embody the change they want to bring about in their business when they return.

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Passionate about human wealth and interpersonal relationships, I am convinced that every human being has the resources in themselves to reveal his potential. It is enough to understand how to overcome one's fears, to dare to listen to one's emotions, to take the necessary step back, ... and learn to trust yourself by doing things differently unveiling "being" beyond "doing" is the essence of my coaching mission: I allow everyone to reveal their human potential, for the benefit of the well-being, efficiency of the teams and the sustainable performance of the company.

With 19 years of management experience in the company at the head of marketing, communication and sales departments in various branches of Orange - France Telecom, I wanted to be fully committed to the human development, development and sustainable performance of women and men in business,

IFAS / USIDE/ ESSEC coaching training - Syntec Coaching/ Essec accreditation - regular supervision -
Training in Systemic, Behavioural and Cognitive Approaches - Positive Psychology
Certified Saville Wave assessment
ESSEC: Certification 2016: Women be European board ready - Director training

My interventions:
o Leadership Coaching: To assist managers in taking office, or taking a step back, in understanding their positioning and impact on the human, organisational and strategic issues of their company.
o Manager Coaching: To assist managers in developing their behavioral adaptability and raising awareness of their impact on each other. Enable them to adopt strategic behaviours in key situations to increase their personal effectiveness and that of their teams.
o Executive Assessment - Manager - 360-degree debriefing: Assess the adequacy of the manager's profile on a proposed position, in relation to the position occupied: communication, leadership, assertiveness, empathy, relational flexibility. Bespoke device or via Wave: a tool for measuring a person's preferred personality, motivations, skills and work environment.

COLLECTIVE ACCOMPAGNEC - France or International intercultural missions
o Accompanying executive committees / Consulting in management strategy: Diagnosis of the effectiveness of management teams in France and internationally, human support of the transformation of organizations - coherence of business strategy, ambition, collective functioning and individual behaviors.
o Collective coaching / team building: a system cohesive system or the development of collective efficiency in the context of new governance, mergers, transformation, or rapprochement of cultures.
o Design 360-degree assessment or assessment devices, combined with talent identification, skills development and career development.
o Ensure the detection, measurement and monitoring of talent, accompany them in a disruptive and innovative way in their career development, in the long term.
o Design and animate development paths for managers and managers through various pedagogical modalities (living or learning expeditions - training, co-development, co-coaching, individual follow-up)

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