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Boris S.

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I'm 36 years old.

I was in charge of Continuous Improvement for the UNITED SPRINGS Precision Springs Division of the SOGEFI Group.
From scratch, I implemented the group's AC policy on French, English and Dutch sites.

I did my classes in the company CONTINENTAL where I gained an in-depth knowledge of performance management and on industrial projects management.

I took part on the relocation of a French site on 3 sites outside France for the SOGEFI group .

I have been advising industrial companies in the Balkans since 2015.

I created the company AB INOX INTERNATIONAL in Serbia in 2018. AB INOX INT. is a member of the Commercial and Industry chamber between France and Serbia and also is supported by the French institutions in the way to develop commercial relations between the two countries.

I advise companies on projects of performance, increased activity, relocation and development of managerial skills.

Occasionally I am an interpreter and translator for French teams travelling in companies in Serbia.

Soft skills:


Need to improve your productivity or overall performance?
Need to strengthen the skills of your coaching teams?
Need to relocate to Serbia?
Need to structure and implement a Policy of Continuous Improvement?
Need support for your French teams travelling to Serbia?

I know how to do it and I have the network that goes with it.

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