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  • Audit
  • Coaching de dirigeants/organisations
  • Accounting, Administration and Finance
  • Conseil et stratégie
  • Développement durable
  • Direction
  • Gestion de projets
  • Production
  • Research and Development
  • Responsabilité sociale de l'entreprise

Mourad B.

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The environmental engineer, also known as an ecologist engineer or QSE manager (quality, safety, environment), is now a centerpiece of industrial strategies The environmental engineer's mission is a large permanent gap: it must enforce regulations on pollution emitted by companies (waste, impacts on air and water quality, nuisance and noise...) while preserving their production and profitability. A challenge that makes him wear many caps.

Depending on the case, the environmental engineer performs a preventive or corrective function, a research or awareness activity. It foresees and measures the impact of production methods on the environment and proposes adapted solutions to control the nuisances caused by them.
As an expert, the ecologist engineer is the guarantor of the compliance of the premises and production tools with the environmental standards in force. It makes concrete proposals to enhance space and develop "clean" technologies. Communicating, the environmental engineer can also be responsible for raising awareness among staff about the fight against pollution and for ensuring the interface between the company and specialized government agencies, environmental associations and regional branches of the relevant ministries. In order to build credibility with his various interlocutors, the environmental engineer must demonstrate a strong technical culture. But also strong qualities of communication, negotiation and pedagogy. He must have a perfect and up-to-date knowledge of legislation and regulations.
Finally, in order to carry out its missions it will have to be mobile since it is required to move frequently.

Soft skills:


Hygiene inspectors, health
public and environmental services are responsible for the investigations,
interventions and findings of the offences
hygiene and public safety. As such, they are
responsible for:
participate in the implementation of the various programs
hygiene and public safety;
to identify hygiene and hygiene dysfunctions
public health and propose the necessary corrections;
identify public services
wilayas to be inspected;
find violations of clean-up,
Hygiene and public safety;
to help eradicate activities that are harmful to
environment and the urban environment;
Ensure that reservations are lifted
participate in the enforcement of health regulations
Ensure the safety of edibles
exposed for sale;
order and supervise destruction operations
Damaged products
controlling the hygiene of school canteens;
prepare periodic and annual reports and reports.
In addition to the tasks assigned to inspectors
hygiene, public health and the environment,
Senior Inspectors of Hygiene, Public Safety and
environmentare, among other things, responsible for:
contribute to the development of programs and plans
enforce existing health regulations
and contribute to the popularisation of hygiene rules;
propose inspection programmes
consultation with the various technical services
participate in the control of health facilities
production and marketing of products
food and classified establishments;
participate in the control of places and establishments
welcoming the public;
take samples and analyses under the
their business;
propose changes, temporary withdrawal or
final operating permits;
participate in the organisation of the fight against
participate in vaccination campaigns.

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An engineering degree and two years of professional experience qualify me today to submit my application for the position of environmental engineer. I am very interested in the proposed mission, I will be happy to join your company as a major player in the environmental sector.
My engineering background has allowed me to acquire solid knowledge in the scientific and technical fields specifically in the fields of hygiene, safety and the environment. I have a lot of control over the various environmental regulations and standards.
During my course, I was an active member of an association whose main goal is to raise awareness of sustainable development which allowed me to develop my relational skills and my sense of listening. My creativity and dynamism allowed me to play an important role in this association as I was also responsible for writing several articles on this topic. At Company X, I was in charge of a sewage treatment plant, I was responsible for monitoring and monitoring the application and compliance of environmental standards but also for identifying the solutions adapted to the different tasks in the to limit air and water pollution. In the same context, I was also responsible for the management of waste production while maintaining the profitability of the company which allowed me to develop my rigor and my know-how.
Mobile, dynamic and very passionate about nature, I hope that my candidacy will hold your attention and I beg you to accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my distinguished feelings.

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Average daily price (for information purposes only) : €15.00 / per day

Areas of expertise

Audit , Coaching de dirigeants/organisations , Accounting, Administration and Finance , Conseil et stratégie , Développement durable , Direction , Gestion de projets , Production , Research and Development , Responsabilité sociale de l'entreprise

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